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Realtime Trains

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Realtime Trains provides live rail travel information about passenger trains across the entire British mainline railway network. We take live data from Network Rail, who own the track and operate the signalling, and use this to make easy and accurate predictions about where your train really is!You can:
- Find your nearest stations by location, or search for any station by name or three letter code- See live departures or arrivals for any station, anywhere, any time. See where and when your train has been, and where it will be.- Unique to Realtime Trains: Keep getting to the station just in time to see your train rolling off into the distance? We’ll show you if the train’s on the approach to the station, rolling into the platform, or is already there and about to leave… so you know when to run!- On some high-frequency routes, you’ll get an at-a-glance list of trains with an easy countdown timer in the corner, so it’s fast and easy to see how many minutes you have until each one leaves.- Find out which platform your train’s leaving from as soon as we know (usually quicker than it goes up on the boards at the station!) You’ll see the planned platform to start, taken from the timetable. When it turns bold, it’s been confirmed: your train is approaching, or at the platform right now.- Set up a home station and favourite your normal stations or most used routes- Create an alarm for your train’s departure or arrival—never miss your stop again! - Keep a list of ‘favourite’ trains, for convenient access- Download the timetable for a particular service so you can access it without a signal
This is Version 1 of the Realtime Trains app. Coming soon, we’ll be adding the ability to search for and track non-passenger trains (freight trains, engineering trains, empty stock moves) and special trains like railtours. We're also working on a series of new and exciting features that we can't talk about at the moment - but will soon!
Please note that Realtime Trains is a tool for real time passenger information across the British mainline passenger rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. At present, it does not provide information for trams, light railways, metros (including most London Underground stations) or heritage railways off the mainline. We also do not currently cover services operating in Ireland.